Who Attends

The P3 Government Conference is a part of P3C, which delivers some of the largest infrastructure focused events in the country and attracts owners, public works leaders, city managers, and industry and P3 development experts. Attendees also include federal administrators, regulators, lawmakers, and agency decision markers representing transportation, water, defense, housing, health, and social infrastructure across the country. 

The three day conference offers a unique and valuable opportunity to network with potential partners in an information driven, networking focused environment. Many attending the conference are operators and project owners interested in better understanding project delivery options and exploring partnerships, and include:

Public Agency Managers: Transportation Directors, Utility Operators, Resource Agency Managers, Works Directors, and other transportation, water, health, defense, and social agency administrators from Municipal, State and Federal offices. 

Industry: Senior leaders, business development managers, and directors representing services providers; engineering, construction, and legal firms; infrastructure investment funds, financial and insurance companies, environmental consulting firms, and utilities.

All attending will benefit from P3 education, learn new methods to address complex project delivery goals, find incredible networking opportunities, and meet with project owners and municipalities pursuing P3’s.


US Department of Transportation, Office of the Inspector General
Louisiana DOTD
Georgia DOT
Howard County, Maryland
Metro Flood Diversion Authority
City and County of Denver
Port of Seattle
Maryland Transit Administration
Cass County
California State University Fullerton
City of Greeley
North Carolina Turnpike Authority
City of Dallas
Virgin Islands Port Authority
Village of Royal Palm Beach
Charles County
Roanoke County
City of Mount Vernon
Regional Recycling
City of College Station
City of Westland
City of Walton
Riverside Sheriff
Lafayette Consolidated Government
Rutgers University
Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority
British Consulate General
Madison County EDA
Richland County
Valley International Airport
Prince George’s County Public Schools
City of Atlanta
City of North Miami
DC Office of the Attorney General
District Department of Transportation
Washington State Department of Transportation
Bureau of Reclamation
UL Lafayette
City of Harlingen
South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership
U.S. Department of Transportation, Build America Bureau

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